spur of the moment family photos

For Father's Day I took some photos for Nick of our little family (thank you self-timer remote.)

I surprised him with printing and putting the photos into some frames for his desk at school, and he LOVED it!

He's the best dad. I love how fun he his with Beckham and how he loves to play. I love when he gets up with him in the middle of the night and puts him back down or rocks him and plays with him in the mornings so I can sleep in a little.

He gives Beckham his nighttime baths, reads stories, and plays at the splash pad with us on the weekends.

He spends all of his energy at school, comes home at the end of the day and musters up extra energy to be an amazing dad and father. I'm so proud of him and so happy that I have him by my side and as my babies' daddy.


How We Wore It // Idaho Casual

Hello from the great state of Idaho!

This outfit post is brought to you by BYU and my mom.

For this outfit I chose to literally almost do the same thing as the outfit inspiration, Robyn.

I love me some chucks, jeans, a good baggy t-shirt (which is really my daily momiform, if you think about it) and a matching baseball hat. Also, MOM HAIR. Perfect for watching my sister compete in her region championship soccer game, playing at the parks in Idaho, meeting squirrels, and driving the wrong way on a one-way street in downtown Boise with my mom.

One time Sydney Poulton of The Daybook was wearing camo capris and sandals in an Instagram post, so I commented: "I saw Sydney wearing army pants and flip flops, so I bought army pants and flip flops" and she for reals thought it was the most hilarious thing she's ever read. It was probably my glory day on the internet and I still pat myself on the back over it sometimes.

Also I took a buzzfeed quiz telling me that I talk like I'm 45? Awesome.

Actually, I think my next outfit staple is going to be a Yankees cap, because I'm not a serious poser or anything. We're still planning on moving to NY someday, so I'm calling it preemptive. And cute.

Here's to a few more days in Idaho & more stories about how I finally went to WinCo and it changed my life.

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My phone is chock full of instagram screenshots (don't tell me I'm the only one, either) because people post the dang prettiest things.

This week I'm obsessed with decorating our new house that we get to move into next month. We also just inherited my parents' old piano (gasp!) and so I'm also obsessed with pianos.

Plants. Neutrals. Whites. Pretty kitchens. White walls. Wood. All of it.

Here are the photos I've been screenshotting this past week:

1 // I'm in love with the idea of putting a soft rug on the piano bench and adding flowers/prints on top.

2 // I love the chandelier, white drapes, and cute planty/oil piece in the middle of the table with a white table cloth. Maybe I'll start using essential oils.. and maybe I meet my BFF Kelly Clarkson the next time I go the grocery store. Odds are about the same.

3 // giant American flags, toddlers, and palmy plants. I die.

4 // This gorgeous shoot & this gorgeous dress. I need more glam in my life.

5 // hanging lights up in the house is my kind of jam. I'm also loving the entertainment center set up.

6 // "It's all messy" and it's probably going to be that way until .. okay it's probably always going to be messy. I'm just not the kind of person to keep tidy in all things. But that's okay! All the greatest things are messy, I suppose.

7 // I'm going to Boise, ID next week with my mom and sister, and looking for nice places to adventure. This place called "Juniper" looks like a good brunch spot.

I'm always a big fan of pretty things & nice people! And I love Instagram. Okay.