sometimes we walk red carpets.

last saturday, Nick was up for "Male Contributor of the Year" at SUU, so we got dressed up and that stuff and went to the awards.

i scored this dress for $8 at a local consignment shop. i know, i know. i was pretty thrilled, considering that nothing fancy enough for the occasion still fit my mid-section. but this one came with pleats and everythang.

anyway, my husband is hot.


taking stock at 18 weeks

on Monday we had our mid-pregnancy ultrasound (!!!) we're waiting until delivery to find out the gender (!!!) & this was my favorite image we got from the appointment, because as cute as those 3D ones are, i have to admit they do kind of freak me out a little bit ;)

it was so fun to see our tiny one moving around and being so gosh darn cute. the techs kept saying how beautiful everything was looking. "oh look at that diaphragm, that is a beautiful diaphragm." and basically our baby is cute & wildly energetic. i don't want to already be one of those parents who are like, "oh my child is soo perfect!" but really, we have one perfect little in there. and you know what, that makes me so happy & so relieved. i feel like i'm doing something right! i'm healthy, the baby's healthy. so we celebrated with some nachos.  

i saw this "taking stock" thing on Leney's blog, and i loved it. so here we are.

making: lots and lots and lots of fruit salad.
cooking: pot stickers & edamame by the bag. 
drinking: V8 Splash Mango-Peach
reading: What to Expect When You're Expecting
wanting: a pair of white Chuck Taylors

hurry up: my brother opening his mission call tonight! 
looking: for a dress to wear this weekend at the SUU Thunderbird Awards 
playing: Psych, all day long. 
wasting: this beautiful sunshine by hanging out inside
sewing: i don't do that. 
wishing: that we didn't have to buy x, y, and z before even thinking about buying new couches
enjoying: feeling the baby wiggle around! (i think? or i could be smiling at gas bubbles. either way.) 
waiting: to find out the gender until baby is born. it's so exciting! 
liking: big, baggy t-shirts
wondering: if there's a place that serves cupcakes here in Cedar
loving: ombre hair & reese's eggs
hoping: that i can find the perfect curtains for our living room
marveling: at how my dog manages to find all the food that is within her reach
needing: a serious pep talk about how there are only 2.5 weeks until summer and i can do this
smelling: clean house smell
wearing: sweats & a sweater
following: this girl & her labor journey. i'm so excited for her! 
noticing: that nick's hair is getting suuuuper long
knowing: every little thing is gonna be alright
thinking: what else is in the house that i can eat
bookmarking: these bacon wrapped pineapple bits
opening: all the windows! 
giggling: at Psych
feeling: hungry, for the 100th time today. 


snapshots from san diego

over spring break, i traveled with my school down to the AIGA Y Conference in San Diego. basically a bunch of graphic designers got together for 2 days full of awesome lectures, workshops, and beach time. although i missed nicholas, it was good to get away for a bit.

(& my friend invented the "s'more chelsea" which is a lindt truffle and a raspberry over roasted marshmallow & graham cracker. i highly suggest you try it!)

life lately & 17 weeks

nick & i celebrated our 3 year anniversary last week. i really can't believe it. 3 whole years!

we enjoyed it by getting mani-pedis, shopping in st george, and eating tasty food. we tried Swig for the first time (sugar cookies!!!) and had dinner at Red Lobster... for my first time. it also happens to be the first time i've tried lobster, flounder, and scallops. i seriously don't know where i've been, but i'm repenting of my ways.

there's a first time for everything, i guess :) such as ^ last week's (16 week) bump complete with bow from my sweats. hi little baby! i feel like this pregnancy has flown by, and i'm having mixed feelings about that. 


pee sticks, ultrasounds, baby bumps.

thank you SO MUCH for all of the love we've been shown! we've been so excited to share the news & i am absolutely blown away by the kind words, support & congratulations. blown away.

this baby is a sweet surprise, & we are ecstatic to say the least. i'm 15.5 ish weeks along and baby is my early birthday present. (aww) so far i've just lost weight, but there is definitely a bump there (trust me, when your abs have been flat and toned since the beginning of time with no pooch in sight, you notice when your uterus stretches to the size of a melon) so at our next appointment *hopefully* we see the scale go up sans the nurse exclaiming, "oh you're so tiny!" (darn that morning sickness, darn it to heck) and the colds i had back to back didn't help much either.

nick deserves a giant Beyonce+Optimus Prime sized star for being the most perfect baby daddy husband a girl could ask for. he up and gets me anything i need at any time. he has been my saving grace, and i have no idea how i could have gotten through the first trimester without him. i was able to take it easy & keep myself alive while he took care of everything else. that man is going straight to heaven, i tell you.

pregnancy brain is sooo real it's not even funny. we were getting in the car and the car next to us was exactly the same, so nick says "hey! it's our car's twin!" so i respond back with a, "oh another jetta??" "... a yaris?" "oh, a YETTA!" and then we both just looked at each other like, for reals, what? and then i started sobbing because my brain literally did not know what was going on at that moment. i still don't know what that was and why it was so upsetting to me.

i just cry at everything. commercials with puppies, sobbing. something exceptionally funny, sobbing. i realize that i can't ride the rides at Disneyland for quite a while, uncontrollable sobbing. but i can honestly say that i've never been happier in my entire life, ever, in the history of ever.

we're so excited for you to come, baby!


so, guess what!

little baby coming early september! 


my hair: a history. names, stories & styles

there is a lot that can be said about my hairstyles in the past. i don't know why i enjoy changing my hair so often.. but i love it so much. i'm at a crossroads here, with my hair growing out right now and i've literally done every hairstyle i've ever wanted to do.


and now i have to decide what exactly i love the most, or perhaps that i want to try something totally new. so let's start here, in high school. because let's be honest, i didn't really know what my hair was doing pre-10th grade. (did anyone? please say no)


some scattered words & a call for good chapstick

every time i go to type something, i subconsciously type "pizza" or "pink"

all of my clothing is in a pile on the floor of my closet. it's all clean, mind you, and it's even in the closet... but in a pile nonetheless. 

i've been playing a lot of solitaire lately. my fastest time is 93 seconds. 

i found out on Valentine's day that i won a free photo shoot with Lindsey Shaun, and i am so stoked! 

nick & i are celebrating our 3 year anniversary next month. like woah. 

also it's time i started taking my camera out again!  

looking forward to california for spring break! 

my hair is getting looong, and i'm getting excited, but i don't know what to do with it. maybe i'll buy a curling iron? 

the other day, nick showed me engrish.com and i was laughing so hard i was bawling. like sobbing with black mascara running down my face. 

my lips have been so dry lately that when i smile, 3 cracks on my upper lip get bigger. does anyone have chapstick/lip balm that they swear by? my lips are begging you! 

things that are higher on my priority list than blogging: food. sleep. "chuck". fruit salad. steak. any combination of nick & food. 

i have a $100 gift certificate to a nail salon here in town. i just haven't used it yet. say hello to fresh polish for spring break! 

also, if anyone wants to bring me a fully loaded strawberry waffle & a machine gun from Bruge's in salt lake, that would be swell! 

p.s. i think that if we all wish really hard, spring will come to stay here in Utah. (please please please!)