14 August 2014

the one where my first brother goes on a mission

this kid left us on Wednesday to go serve the people of Ecuador for 2 years on an LDS mission.

he's just the coolest. as far as being a good big sister has gone, i don't deserve a little brother as amazing as this one. i mean, he writes his own music and makes his own Halo suits out of paper, participates in robotic competitions sponsored by NASA, has a voice of gold, signs fluent ASL and can beat Super Mario World without skipping a beat. i mean really. i'm lucky that we share blood because that's the only way i'd ever be connected with a dude like him.

i'm sad our baby doesn't get to meet his cool uncle Jack for awhile, but we'll be sure that they know who he is ;)

for now we will just send a lot of pictures and packages and keep the crying and missing to a minimum.

08 August 2014

36 weeks

so it's safe to say that this baby could come ANY DAY.

9 months pregnant.

the nursery is all set up, the hospital bags are packed. i hardly sleep and each day i get more and more anxious for this wee babe to come. our apartment doesn't have air conditioning, so i sit in my bedroom all day with a window unit blasting on me. i have a lot of quiet time to think and plan and get excited!

we have names picked out. we have diapers stacked.

now all we do is wait!

05 August 2014

baby shower peek

my sweet friends tiff & chels threw me a tea party baby shower a few weeks ago. it was beautiful. the food & company were splendid. (& as always, i wish i had more pictures to share ;) ) i'm so grateful for the wonderful ladies in my life & the inspiration they bring to me. this baby is loved, and that's for sure! 

25 July 2014

maternity photos

my wonderful friend sam (samantha kelly photography) took a break from maternity leave for me & documented this pregnancy more beautifully than i ever could have imagined. like making me get in a lake and float around haha! she's also done a few other things for us like our little family video and a couples photo shoot in downtown salt lake, and i couldn't imagine having anyone else capture such a special moment in our lives. 

(to see more photos from this shoot, head over to her site!) 

12 June 2014

happy birthday, nicholas!

happy, happy birthday to the love of my life!

thanks for being the greatest human i know. thanks for being my best friend, my adventure partner, and the one who keeps me sane. thanks for taking such great care of me during our marriage and especially during this pregnancy. i don't know what me or this baby would do without you! thank you for always supporting me and pushing me to reach my goals and dreams. thank you for giving me a life that i never imagined, but is better than i ever could have ever planned. you are the greatest and i just know this next year is going to be life-changing, and i'm lucky to have you by my side!

(we celebrated by having friends over, funfetti cupcakes & ice cream, eating bacon-wrapped hotdogs & all the fruit you could ask for. after all, the best way to a man's heart is through his stomach. ;)

04 June 2014

26.5 weeks (because every half counts!)

and then i remembered that i only have 1.5 more weeks in my second trimester and i'm all, whaaat?

so here's what's happening around this belly lately:

how far along are you? // 26.5 weeks exactly
due date // september 5th
total weight gain // 13 pounds
countdown // 93 days (ah!)
maternity clothes // i've been fortunate to only have to wear tshirts and dresses for maternity and pants are always so hot and itchy, that belly band is holding up for now. (literally!)
stretch marks? // nada. (knock on wood?)
sleep? // okay, crazy pregnancy dreams and insomnia. in these dreams sometimes i'm a mermaid that will drown if i go under the water, or i'll stab someone occasionally. i wake up feeling more tired than when i went to bed. so i just take lots of naps.
best moments // thinking about baby things as we walked around Babies R Us the other day & my mom getting baby their first outfit. little squishy baby!
movement // lots of kicking and rolling around and yes.
food cravings // so much sugar. i'm trying really hard to cut back. sometimes i only have 3 cookies for breakfast instead of 8. but sugar and snowcones and fresh fruit/drinks.
belly button in or out? // it's like the top is poking out and the bottom isn't going anywhere.
symptoms // itchy belly, running out of breath easily, pregnancy brain (all day e'ry day) and braxton hicks.
wedding ring on or off? // on with no trouble, but all my other rings don't fit anymore. is that weird?
happy or moody? // both. sometimes in the same sentence.
looking forward to... // shopping for baby things & nick's birthday (his last birthday with just the 2 of us. it's so crazy!)

oh i'm so excited. i feel 100% unprepared, but i'm excited.

01 June 2014

art city donuts

yesterday Art City Donuts just happened to be next to my parent's house, and I jumped on that like a frog on the asphalt in July. because i'm a big fan of donuts and this baby has a thing for consuming sugar.

and, confession, my Instagram "discover page" is 50% photos of donuts, so really.

anyway, A+ from me! we got the boston cream & blueberry crumble ones, and they were outstanding. a passing police officer even eyed them from afar, not a joke.

police man, baby, and me approved. (p.s. did anyone make it to the extra weekend of the dreamathon? i didn't realize they had it up this weekend too, and i completely missed it. AGAIN.)

22 May 2014

the quiet things that nobody sees

(photo from last year in Brooklyn. please take me back!)

what would you do if nobody was ever going to see it?

a little while ago i heard a profound statement that really stuck with me. it's the idea that people only do things if it adds to their story. for example, if someone saw a man in a wheelchair trying to get through a door, the thought that goes through their mind is "am i the kind of person who helps this kind of man in this way?" and if they are, they do it. this in turn leads to adding to and creating their being, or their "story." 

basically, people make decisions based on stories/analogies they create based on experience, what they've seen and what they've done. does that make sense? i'm bad at explaining my thought processes. (the whole idea is from the book "Sources of Power: How People Make Decisions" by Gary Klein, if you're interested) 

so this isn't news. you make emotional decisions every day based on the person you are/want to be/are trying to become, which is awesome because we have unlimited opportunities to be whoever we want to be. 

but i think that social media plays a big part in that as well, blogging included. i feel like i'm constantly seeking out/reading stories that i enjoy but aren't my own. and subconsciously, when i do something, i first think, "is this adding to my story the way i want to create it?" ... or, "is this something so-and-so would do?" and my actions and behaviors reflect my thoughts.

i guess sometimes i have to sit back and think, "if no one would ever see this, would i still post it/do it/dress like this/do my hair this way/decorate my house like this/paint my toes like that?" and i hope that whatever i would do is exactly what i'm doing. so i have two choices: either i accept my life the way it is, moody-sweats-&-4-bowls-of-lucky-charms-mornings and all, and not be embarrassed to share my story, OR i take a hold of my life and make it the way i want it, so if someone were to see a portion of it, it's portraying my story exactly as i hope it would. 

to start, here's a secret: i love to be girly. i love polka dots and stripes, i love the color pink, gold, glitter, diamonds, New York City, brightly colored tights, high heels, doing my hair, bangs, my glasses, photography, all kinds of lipstick and nail polish, fresh flowers, Zooey Deschanel, calligraphy, the color white, thrift shopping, wearing skirts and dresses, washi tape, makeup, cupcakes, hamburgers, traveling, big cities, and graphic design. my dream is to throw a really awesome party that is so creative that pinterest explodes. so i guess you could say i'm a typical blogger. but i'll be the first to admit that i try not to show my interests because i want to stand out and not be a stereotype. "if all the bloggers are into saltwater sandals this summer, i'm totally not buying any because i don't want to be another one of those people."  i want to be "cool and hip" in an original sort of way. but to be for reals, i looooooove all that stuff and it makes me really happy. and i wish i owned a pair of saltwaters. so, really, who cares what other people think? bring on all the cute things! (at least that's the goal here) 

so.. what do you think? do you ever catch yourself acting/thinking like this? what do you do to get out of the habit and love yourself the way you are? 

i'm really very curious :)