22 November 2014

wittle bitty bear suits & the like

some things that have happened around here, as told by some pretty iPhone photos:

+ baby boy woke up at 5 am on a saturday morning with his cute face and wouldn't go back to sleep. so i made orange julius for the 100th time that week.

+ we bundled him up in his bear outfit and took him to taco tuesday with us. the whole time we just kept saying "oh beckham, you're missing out. we can't wait until you can eat taco tuesday with us!"

+ i won him a new beanie on an instagram challenge, and i'm obsessed with it (& him.)

+ a lot of leaf/feet photos because fall is over and i'm not sure how i feel about that.

+ learning how to screen print and do brush lettering & calligraphy and watercolor. so, a lot of art, too.

/ /

+ i wish soooooooo badly that i felt like my house is good for taking pictures in. it's not. it's old. it has dark walls and small windows, and there is no carpet. it's all linoleum tile.

+ we're scared to turn on our furnace because the house is so old that neither of us know how to use it, haha, so we draped a blanket over Beckham's window and have been using the space heater to keep it warm in there. parenting at it's finest, i tell you.

+ nick is preparing to apply to graduate schools. like WOAH. mostly east coast, and the U. we'll see how things start to pan out, but i've already had dreams about moving to NYC and asking Naomi from Love Taza to teach me how to be classy while breastfeeding in public.

+ if you're reading this & you've made it this far, i just want to say that YOU ARE AWESOME & BEAUTIFUL.

07 November 2014

blessing outfit

what a cutie patootie.

this handsome little man sported the sweetest most cuddly outfit for his blessing day.

we had a small (that turned out to be rather large) gathering at my parents' house. nick gave a sweet blessing to our sweet boy, and we all shared hot cider & baked fall goods. it was beautiful and intimate and seriously perfect.

05 November 2014

his birth announcement

i finally got around to finishing his birth announcement.

better late than never, right? i just love him!

20 October 2014

beckham's first pumpkin patch


there isn't a thing i don't love about fall.

i have to say, though, that having a teeny one to share the experience with does make it infinitely sweeter.

we went with some friends over to the pumpkin patch and explored, picked the most wonderful pumpkins we could find, and pet the animals. and even though he was asleep pretty much the entire time, i can just tell that he loved it as much as we did! ;)

06 October 2014

i put lipstick on & we took pictures & my heart exploded

over the weekend, i realized that we didn't really have any nice photos of us together yet! for shame!

so we set out to find some nice fally trees up the American Fork canyon. we succeeded, and the trees did not disappoint.

all year long i kept telling nick, "gosh i can't wait until fall because then we'll have a cute baby and be a family and everything will be so wonderful!" and now it's here! my family is here and fall is here and it is indeed wonderful.

i've never been so happy in my entire life. never so exhausted either, but he's so incredibly worth it. i didn't know my heart could be so big or break so easily at the smallest cry or whimper. so maybe i can't put milk in my cereal any more because by the time i sit down to eat it he's more than likely needing something, and i haven't slept for more than 6 hours straight in a few months, and it takes twice as long to leave the house or go anywhere. but oh my goodness. my heart wants to burst out of my chest so many times a day that i don't even care about all that stuff. all that matters it that little boy & his sweet smiles. i love love love my beautiful little family!

p.s. get the pumpkin spice oreos and eat them with a hot cup of steamed milk. trust me. 

20 September 2014

first bath

^ (he kinda liked it)

^ Koda was all interested in what was happening. She isn't his biggest fan, but she would have jumped in there with him if we'd let her.

 ^ moooom stahhhp

 ^ he'd had enough at that point. this kid does not like being wet! (just like his mommy ;)
^ my faaavorite picture!

our little snuggles had his first bath the other day (that cord took for-ev-er to come off) and it was a blast! he's getting so deliciously chunky too ;) which i'm pretty stoked about.

can i just say that clean babies smell so dang good. and naked baby bums are now my favorite thing in the entire world.