lovey mushiness & wifey goodness.

p.s. before i say anything, send that blogger party link to all your blog buddies as well. seriously, it's just going to be a big blogger bash. we'll have holiday treats, a chocolate fountain, ridiculous wii games, and lots of picture taking. invite everyone.}

last night we were hungry at midnight, so we shared a costco dog.
for dinner, we made pot stickers & edamame {like, the only thing we eat ever} on our bed indian style.
love is so good.
we've also ripped off the heinous wallpaper in our dining area & put fake spider webs {complete with fake spiders} in our entry-way. we're scary.
lots of cuddling has ensued because we put the TV in the bedroom to escape the empy heat-sucking hole that is our living room.
sadly, though, our nightly rituals of office, scrubs, psych, new girl, & SNL catchups on Hulu have been forgotten because our upstairs neighbor cancelled the internet without telling us. we're working on it!
yesterday we gave talks in church, and i was so nervous that while we were eating breakfast i put the milk in the cupboard instead of the fridge. anyways, people came up to us afterwards {we're still new} and told us to expect Youth {YW/YM} callings soon. dude, that would be the COOLEST!
while nicky-face was at school today, i was a good wife.
pictures are taken, edited & off the camera.
the dog was played with.
the bed is made, the closet is organized, the laundry is sorted.
the floor is clean.
the power is out? {and we have 14 pounds of meat in the freezer?}
koda pooped in my hand on the way home from taking him to school.
i was all like:

this i what i get for waking up earlier than i want to just to drive my husband to class.
not only is the room clean, but i put decorations up!
hand-made fall banner over the TV, picture frames, and leaf cutouts.
he's gonna be so 'xcited when he sees it!
we're planning on buying a bale of hay so our pumpkims can have a home in our entry way, otherwise koda is going to keep eating the ugly one.
so very, very excited for that moment.
tonight, hot cider and probably pot stickers again.
that boy of mine, he's a keeper.


  1. What a fun life :) you must take pictures of your apartment all decorated so we can see! I'm so happy you're happy :) you deserve it!

  2. haha. your picture kills me. You are a good wife! look at you go. costco dog, jealous. We wanted costco pizza (when you saw us) but we didn't have cash. sad sad day. and no internet?!! NOOOOO!!