that one commercial i was in

today i watched general conference with my family, cried.
had fhe at my grandparent's house, cried.
watched the extreme makeover home edition, cried.
it was all just so lovely.
we kept joking that we could see my mom putting in shrubbery at midnight, 
and how she piled those rocks in bucket by bucket.
i joked that we picked up that piece of wood and threw it away.

at the end of the show, 
a commercial started playing.
it was a bunch of volunteers saying, "i could be a match."
and lo and behold, whose face shows up? MINE.
i didn't even see it at first, but then my whole family was like STEPH IT'S YOU!
so we rewinded it, and it was!
we all got a good laugh out of it.
i want to be all like, "oh it's not that big of a deal," but really i am tickled and i just feel so special!
out of all the people they filmed for that 10 seconds of commercial, i was the one of 100 they chose.
haha it's so great. so great! 
and that EMHE episode... one of the best, ever.

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