this weekend we... (2)

went to dillon and laura's wedding in the St. George Temple
& the reception later that night. 
i made new friends with a mom, a baby, and a married couple.

played in St. George, almost bought long boards, oh and have you tried Nielsen's? 
how about Nielsen's pumpkin concrete? we did. Nick did too much.

nick stopped the car and let me take pictures of this tractor.

it's become tradition to wear my own wedding shoes to other people's weddings.

we took Nick's neighbor's 4-wheelers for a picnic on top of a mountain
guys, i was born to live on that red contraption of death and awesomeness.

& this is my pretty niece Ivy. 

told ya it was gonna be good :)


  1. i'm in love with your hair. yes, being a hairstylist, its basically the first thing i look at in pictures. i give yours 2 thumbs up, my friend.

  2. LOVE frozen custard. haven't been to nielson's, but i have now put it on my list for next time i'm in st. jeezy.

  3. i love that i know where all these places are. especially the 4-wheeling in Pine Valley. we have a cabin up there and go at least every other weekend to 4 wheel! i havent tried pumpkin concrete, but i love nielsens.