we've got pumpkins!

remember that time i said we had pumpkins?
wednesday i had to go to a training meeting at Lake Park instead of going to work.
i got to see my daddy, and i only worked from 8-4p that day,
so i got home early and went on a date with the most handsome man in the world!
{oh, and it was our 7 month anniversary. can you believe that??}
we went to schmidt's and got pumpkins!
i got one, nick got one, koda got one, we got a little one because it was so small, an ugly one because we felt bad for it, and a bunch of teeny tiny ones.
also, nick picked up some apples. of course.
we finished our date off by going to Hobby Lobby and getting halloween decorations all on sale,
as well as dinner at Texas Roadhouse.
i always get the ribs and the loaded sweet potato {mmm!}
then we went home and watched the original footloose.
we still don't have internet...
but we did go to costco today and got cinnamon rolls, pumpkin streusel muffins, & hot chocolate.
we're set. 
 {also, i think i saw taylor and scott from when all is said and done in the lane next to us. even though i didn't say anything & just creepily watched them buy their food in bulk, i love it when i see blogger friends in real life!}
 and i had a big mac for the first time EVER {which i'm not going to recommend, like, gross.}
we played monopoly and nick won free fries, holla.
now we're at Jason's house writing talks because, guess what, we have to speak in church tomorrow.
i'll let you know how that one goes. 
& i'm luh-HU-ving this gorgeous fall weather! thank you Utah for cooperating!

i'm going to be a princess for halloween. what are you going to be?? 


  1. How fun! That's so funny you saw people you follow on a blog. I walk around campus and swear some people look so familiar like people on blogs or something. It makes me feel like a creep ha ha ha. I love blogging..

  2. these images are just beautiful. love the use of light girl. you are stunning!
    xo TJ