30 for 30 remix: day 3

nick apologizes for the blurry pictures, but i blame myself.
see me holding the umbrella, and not nick? 
he didn't have shoes on either.
i know, i'm a semi-horrible wife. 
we FINALLY finally got the internet!
well, technically we've had it for awhile.
but we had to use an Ethernet cord, and it didn't even work on my laptop. boo :(
so i've gotten pretty good at the "use my computer, flash drive pictures to nick's, and post from his computer" thing.
but it's so very nice to be using my own.
i know, our 1st world problems don't compare to not being able to feed ourselves or have a home to live in.
but i'm still so happy!


  1. This series of posts is such a cute idea :)

  2. i think my favorite part is your nametag :) adorable, steph :)