fashion list

when summer ended, i made a list of all the fashion pieces i'd like to invest in this fall/winter season.
this is what it now looks like:

- black checkered button-up
- boyfriend jeans   actually, husband jeans. :)
- lazy t's  burnt orange and brown
- kinky scarf   got a cute white one from Van Huesen.. ahh
- big scarf  my bright yellow cowl.
- fur vest
- glasses  although they were a huge trouble to acquire, my ray bans.
- sunglasses
- big tan belt
- big cream sweater
- maxi skirt
- black cardi
- slouchy gray beanie
- mustard yellow pencil skirt
- those boots everyone's drooling over


- nudey lipstick
- regular lipstick...
- bronzer

{if you want to check out all these stuffs, visit my pinterest :)}

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  1. Friend!
    I found your blog and LOVE it! A few thoughts:

    1. Let's be friends. Seriously.
    2. Let's go shopping. LOVE your style!
    3. Repeat.