30 for 30 remix: day 1

- i don't particularly enjoy getting my picture taken
- Salt Lake City is the bomb.
- maybe I should go back to school just so I can have friends, Ha! i'm such a hobbit.
- Thanksgiving is next week! i'm so excited to eat pie...
- i treat my camera like my baby
- i have a slight inkling to go see the new breaking dawn movie.
- game night with the hubs. although he's fast asleep...? 
- my hair is growing so fast. i love it! 
& today was a great day. 


  1. SO EXCITED you're doing 30 for 30. I have always thought about doing it :) (i'm glad you are first! haha!) and maybe you should go to school at ISU and do the nursing program with me so we can hang out ALL THE TIME! and then we can go see breaking dawn together and laugh through the whole movie. yep. good plan! (p.s. you look adorable in these pictures!)

  2. You're seriously so cute!

  3. I love your outfit, but I love your hair even more! The cut and color are perfect on you!