H&M opened! YES!

can i just say....
last night at midnight, i seriously considered getting in the car, driving to murray and waiting in line for H&M to open.
it was a very difficult debate, but i figured i didn't want to freeze my you know what off.
although it would be so worth it.
instead, i watched the news this morning and cried while they all picked their favorite items and showed them off to the camera like, "yeah we're so lucky we're shopping before it's even opened, suckas!"
then i figured....
at least 500 anxious women are outside of those doors, waiting to pummel you over that blazer...
freezing temperatures...
and christmas coming soon?
it was a tough decision, but i'll just wait so i can enjoy my experience rather than having the satisfaction of saying "i was there first." amidst the hord of estrogen.
happy friday


  1. I'm in the same boat. I don't want my shopping experience to be brutal and painful. I'd rather have a nice time rummaging through the merchandise. I'm taking my time, but am very excited it has arrived.

  2. haha this made me laugh. yeah i'm pretty dang stoked about H&M!