happy november-ween!

{i was belle! but i can't put up pictures because... no internet.}
the boss man let me leave early last night so i could partake of the halloween-ness,
but only 4 kids came to our door {okay, more than that, but only 4 times did i have to answer the door!}
and one batch of extremely obnoxious kids took my "take a few" to "grab handfuls," practically emptying my bucket.
i may or may not have went into the bedroom and cried.
i've been super emotional lately, crying over nothing.
on sunday i looked over the congregation and saw Sam and Chas from Young People in Love and decided to go say HEY {remember the last time i saw someone from the blogosphere and didn't say hi, and it turned out to actually be them?} well it turns out that she's my visiting teaching companion! what a small world, i'm telling you.
why are there babies everywhere??
Syd from The Daybook had her precious little babe, Sam just announced that they're expecing a little one, Kjera's due in January, HayLee dressed her boo up as a bat for halloween.... Rachael's a cute little pregnant mommy....
i'm MARRIED. i should be able to have babies.

like, what the adorable?

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