Happy Thanksgiving, beautifuls.

- my sister made us tasty treats, i'm so grateful she's in culinary school!
- my dad always gets my mama fresh flowers. i'm so grateful for him!
- my mom always makes sure we have candy cups next to our dinner plates. ah the simplicity!
i'm so grateful for her sweet tooth. {that's where i get mine}
- all our puppies hanging like vultures under the turkey. i'm so grateful for koda.
- & my family all put "thanksgiving fortunes" in our rolls. i'm  grateful for them and their creativity.
and, i can't deny, i am grateful for duct tape.
i finally had my fill of my grandma's famous banana cream pie & a delicious piece of the coveted
and even though it took me two sittings to finish off,
it's even better than i ever remember it being!
we also went to my aunt's house where we played Matthew, Mark, Luke & John as well as Telephone Charades.
so much laughing! ah, i love my family.
i still have means of savoring this day, including the fact that i'm not going to black friday like my sister (she's not even sleeping tonight, she's so brave!) and that pile of leftover turkey in the fridge.
just waiting for me to snack on at midnight....
i really love being home.
happy thanksgiving everyone! 

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