30 for 30 remix: day 15

okay, so it may be almost 2 in the morning, but it's the weekend! this, this is what true freedom feels like. watching nick sleep and knowing he doesn't have any more school for the next few weeks so i can have him all to myself.. yeah, i consider myself a pretty lucky girl. 

the thing about having a happy marriage is that you can't think about yourself, though. don't get me wrong, you do have to make yourself happy otherwise you're just being a martyr, but true happiness lies within stepping outside yours own woes and concerns {yes, even after you'd have a crappy day and you don't feel well} to serve your spouse. that one person, that one who picked you over everyone else, they're the one that deserves all of you. and whether or not you think you do, you deserve them back. 

there are a lot of things i'm learning about marriage and living with someone, but i'd say that's one of the most important things: sacrifice & service. everyone knows that i don't do the dishes because i want to; i do it so nick doesn't have to. but it makes our marriage so amazing. so scratch that special someone's back while they're sleeping, or wake up earlier than they do to make them breakfast in bed. it's the little things, guys. trust me. 

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