30 for 30 remix: day 17 & SCONES

i helped nick make some scones for my work christmas lunch/staff meeting, and they were (and still are) so so good. he's amazing, and i've been craving these for awhile. (maybe we'll post a step-by-step recipe in the future, perhaps?) he was wearing a really cool shirt too. anyone a "scrubs" fan? 
excuse my supposedly horrible grammar and lack of wit, i'm in the midst of a migraine & am distracted by an episode of 30 rock. this red lipstick thing is really working out for me, so, yeah i'm feeling sassy.

on an entertainment note:

- david archuleta is going on an LDS mission, whaat? tears came when i found out. i'm so happy for him!
- on SNL, Jesus gave a visit to Tebow & announced that Mormonism is true.
- Santa called me this morning.. it probably would have been much more humorous if i was awake.
- remember that BLOGGER PARTY? i wanted to have? things have been so busy lately, that we're not having it until the spring. and it will be a tea party in a garden somewhere. 

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