MoTab Christmas Concert

my parents took us tonight to see the Mormon Tabernacle Choir Christmas Concert, and it was simply amazing. first off, we got like, thee best parking spot in the entire place. i mean seriously. underground parking right across from the conference center, right down 1 flight of stairs, and the first spot. it was seriously the best. so we walked over to HB's sandwich place & had sandwiches. like, yum. and they even gave us free cookies! we're going back. 

then we went straight over to the tabernacle to claim our spots. and guess what? they were great seats too! i know, great seats, great food, and great parking spot. oh, and great company & great concert. can this night get any better? i submit that it can not.

the concert was gorgeous. everything about it. you bet i cried, i cried like a baby. i've sung with mac wilberg before, richard elliot is in our ward, and one of my favorite people ever sister woodfield is in the choir.. so it's like watching family perform on stage. {he he he}

also, there was fake snow and it landed on me. holllaaaa. this is exactly what i needed to truly get into the Christmas spirit. i'm so grateful for my parents for taking us and for such a wonderful evening out. after the concert we literally walked across the street, went down a flight of stairs, got in our car and left. i don't know how many people can say that. we're pretty dang lucky. 

ah, just Merry Christmas everyone. Merry Christmas.

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  1. AHHHH!!! I went to this too!!!! Admittedly, I fell asleep during that concert because I was el sicko, but that baritone they featured was AMAAAAAAZING. Our seats were fantastic too!! I seriously sat right to the left of that big screen they had. I'm willing to bet that my face was just a couple seats over from your camera, hahahaha.