new years resolution #2: bedtime routine

- wash that makeup off, woman. nobody likes nasty second day makeup on makeup. except for me. i gotta stop. hayden panettiere & carrie underwood will be jealous of my face-washing abilities & clear complexion. *clapping* i know, i know.

- brush those sparkly whites. now i know i'm not the only one who gets all snuggly in their beds and decides that it's okay to not brush your teeth before drifting off, so i'm not afraid to admit it. but i'm going to be queen of teeth brushing you can bet on it.

- dishes in the dishwasher. it only takes a few seconds, and if i do it every night they won't pile up. it's the perfect task!

- read scriptures. at least one verse, every night.

- say prayers. either with nick or just by myself, i'm going to do it every night kneeling down, not laying in my bed (not that i do that, or anything.)

- asleep by 11 at the latest. this won't be especially difficult seeing as i'll be getting up at 6 every morning for work anyways, so i think i'll be fine. it just needs to be a goal so these 3 a.m. "oh, we should probably go to sleep" moments don't happen anymore.

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