new years resolution #5: make time for friends

if you are in this picture, i'm making time for YOU.

also, anyone other wonderful friends who happen to come along. i'm a moderate introvert who's slightly afraid of people and/or large crowds (i'm making a subtle reference to women in my ward who may by chance be reading this. i'm crossing my fingers that i'll be able to open up to relief society some day. bear with me. patience is a virtue.)

i'm making a goal as well to spend more time with married friends. double dates and whatnot. all you newlyweds, let's get together shall we? even if you have babies. let's get together yeah yeah yeah.

i feel like all i do is spend time with nick. don't get me wrong! i love, love all the time i get to spend with him. but sometimes i need a little me time. friend & girl time. you know, read a good gossipy magazine. go shopping, paint my nails & try out those facial masks on pinterest. heavenly, no? it's about time, isn't it? trust me. this will be good.


  1. Yes. Girl time is good. :) We WILL do girl time soon! And it's not one of those things that we keep doing where we say we'll do it but then both get to busy. It WILL happen. WILL. Fer realsies.

  2. AH! I'm sooo glad I"m not the only one that struggles with Relief Society time, that's right around the time I wanna skip out of church every sunday? Awful? Yup probably. I can never open up either, I hear ya! So glad to hear I"m not the only one ha ha I'm juuust the same!