new years resolution #6: less & more

less: going out to eat. which means less del taco & mild sauce. you know i can't live without that stuff.. but i guess if it will increase the longevity of my life...
more: home cooked meals, fruits & vegetables. being home at 3:30 from work now will actually let me do that. i'm ready to be house wife extraordinaire, cooking cleaning, the whole everything. get ready to be healthy.

less: talk & wishing. my prized internet inspiration means nothing if i just sit around and do nothing about it. it's like saying, "i really like that shirt. man i love that shirt. i'm going to buy that shirt. it's going to be so cute, i can wear it with this.." without actually picking it up or purchasing it. i've gotten too comfortable with my situation and begin to think that if i think about it enough or, please no, pin it on pinterest, it automatically gets done in my own house or gets itself magically into my own closet. FALSE.
more: action. i AM going to reupholster that chair. i AM going to sew that really cute skirt. i AM going to cut my hair like that. i AM going to learn how to take that picture & i AM going to get in shape. period. this is my year and i'm taking it by the horns. you only have young, hot married life without babies for a little while. it's time to be a young hot newlywed who does awesome.

less: sitting around at night doing nothing. "what do you want to do tonight, honey? it's friday!" "umm. sleep?" "okay. do you wanna put in a movie or something?" "how about some 30 rock on netflix." and then we spend all night on our computers. this is why we can never be real adults.
more: creative & fun dates with nick. now that i've got my nights open, it's time for super great in-home date nights on a regular basis. also, outdoor game nights for cheaps & for when we can spare a few bucks to eat at the blue lemon and see that movie.

less: shunning my hair. and i mean my leg hair as well. i should probably shave my legs more than 4 times a year. (my wedding, that one time i went swimming during the summer, right before no shave november.. oops, that's only 3.)
more: actually doing my hair. like, using that curling iron. or straightener. or brush. and investing in a feminine razor and shaving gel. i'll invest in more makeup as well so as to look my best always. you never know when you're going to need to look fabulous!

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  1. I relate to this so much!! Good luck steph :) Ill be cheering you on in Idaho!!!