not to be sad or anything...

i'm afraid i'm going to jinx this day even further, but i have the computer & i'm my fingers are just itching for a good typing session. and, just so everyone knows, this post is not meant to make anyone feel bad or feel bad for me. this little story of mine is just too normally sad not to share. just another example that we all have "those days."

so i wake up at 6 in the morning, get all ready for work, and head out the door. it's freezing. i get in the car, it won't start. so i get nick up & call my supervisor in case i'm late. there's no way the car is going to work, so nick decides to have me take the bus & to come with me. we run to bus and make it all the way to a trax station so i can get up to the hospital. my pass isn't working. at the trax station i get a call from my supervisor.
"steph! how's it going?"
"great, i'm on a bus."
"nooo! don't get on the bus!"
"what, why not?"
"because kjera came in today! she didn't know you were coming in early so she's there already."

so... i don't have to be at work? oh well, we're already on the train. we get up to primary's and decide to have breakfast. i've been crying all morning because 1. i'm tired and 2. i can't believe it.
after we ate,  we headed over to catch a shuttle over to the university. we missed not one, not two, but three buses. nick even ran out to make one stop, but it just kept going. so now i'm crying, nick's angry at the bus drivers for not stopping, and we're freezing cold.
oh well.

we finally get to the school, and nick has to run to class. he comes back and i fall asleep on his lap. i don't know how long i was out, but it felt good. i used my second coat as a blanket and the sun warmed up my bum bum while i lay there. i'm uber cool, guys. all the people walking past, haters be hatin. it's like whatevs. i'm warm.

is today over yet?

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