Seeing as how this is to be a Side-by-Side survival guide, I think I need to pull my weight. And now that school is done I have TIME!!!

So I am already signed up for next semester with, get this, 27 credit hours. Ridiculous you say? I agree, and thats why I am not taking that many classes. I have this thing about wait lists and emergencies and what not. I hate them. So when it comes down to the decision of signing up for it now or later I'll take now minus the wait listing. I will more than likely cut it down to just 14-18 hours but I want to make sure I have the right classes signed up just in case. SMART RIGHT?! I know!

BUT ITS CHRISTMAS TIME!!! We have presents under the tree, hot cocoa frequently, an ice skating date lined up and Christ birthday to celebrate. I'm SO STOKED! Such a fun time of year and all though I spent last year with Steph, this is the first one being married. :)

I got her some really awesome gifts and she'll be surprised but not to much. I have an idea what I'm getting but I really didn't ask for much.

But just wanted to say hey from Stephs hubby and Merry Christmas!

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