30 for 30 remix: day of the 13th

so this was yesterday as we were getting ready to decorate the tree. it seems like i keep wearing outfits that go with the "30 for 30" but never take pictures of them. maybe i'll just have to do a fashion show and wear all my missed outfits on the same day and just take a ton of pictures. ideas ideas.. but our tree is decorated! YES! we think it's so pretty. it's all red and brown and sparkly and we even have matching wrapping paper.
i really don't want to go to work. i'm ready for christmas break. oh wait! i don't get one. nick does though. oh that fancy man. he cleaned everything yesterday. he did the laundry, cleaned up the storage room, made the bed. i've definitely found myself a keeper. happy holidays everybody! watch lots of top gear (bbc version). love, us.

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