congratulations meg! you're married!

today megan *livingston* is now married to her eternal love.

i've been wanting to share this little piece of our conversation we had a long time ago. i wasn't sure if she wanted me to at the time, but now that they're wed, i think it's appropriate. i emailed her one day about how she was neglecting her blog and i knew that something serious was up with her & Mckay, because i'd been there before. she emailed me back with this: (shortened for reading pleasure, you all know the story)

March 19, 2011: he was broke & didn't have a car (much less, could drive on the right side of the road.) He walked to my house & we walked back to Bri's. We babysat for our first date. We made dinner & watched the kids. Our conversation was on fire & after i left, i wrote in my journal "you're marrying mckay, meg."
March, 20 2011 until now: It has been three months, steph. Three. That is insane & i've found myself completely, absolutely, incandescently in love with this boy. The sheer difference between a pre-mish & an RM is remarkable. I spend every day with him & the hours without him make me crazy. We read our scriptures together & talk about our love for the gospel. We dance often & go grocery shopping. We fall asleep together but set the alarms on our phones so we wake up before the sun rises. The goodnight's are always the hardest & they last over an hour each evening. He surprises me with my favorite flowers & kisses my tears away when i miss mom the most. I never expected two relationships to overlap & it's hard to express how i feel on my blog. It all sounds crazy but it feels so real. ... With other relationships, i felt like it was an "almost-fit." Like a pair of shoes that is just a bit too small but bearable to wear. With McKay, it's the perfect pair of shoes. (what an awful analogy.) I've never felt more like myself & who i want to be. I've been acting like a modified me for so long but it feels so great just to be me & to be loved for that.

that is real love. when i got this email so long ago, i couldn't help but cry because i knew that it's true-- that the person you're meant to be with is that "perfect fit" and i knew exactly how she was feeling. the "falling asleep and setting alarms" part made me laugh because we totally did that. and everything she said was 100% real.

we conversed later over lunch at cafe rio and talked about marriage and life. it was such a good day. i knew just by looking at her when she talked about him that they'd be together forever. she texted me when mckay asked her dad for her hand and i was giddy the whole way through, like watching a rerun of my own life, but different.

i'm so excited for you, meg. i may not be able to make it tonight and say it in person, but congratulations. thanks for confiding in me; it's been so fun seeing your adventure with McKay & remembering how it was with Nick oh so long ago. also, because you had your first date with him on my wedding, i knew it was a sign.

may your life be full of lovely happiness & lots of naked snuggling.


  1. i cried when i read this... so presh.

  2. i love, love, love you.

    (& naked snuggling.)