i am as cool as my pinterest boards.

this new year has gotten off to a great start. we're really working on our resolutions, and we even have the living room tidy & clean. we picked up an old wing chair from my parents house and can't wait to reupholster it. we also moved the entertainment center back into the living room so we don't lock ourselves up in the bedroom all day every day. it's very, very nice.

this was also my first week going FULL TIME at work.
i also get really hungry at 10-11 o'clock at night. it's rough getting used to this new schedule! when i need to be sleeping i'm awake & eating mini wheats while watching SNL clips.

on the brighter side, it's like i have a gazillion more hours in the day. i mean, it's 5 and i feel like i've been awake for an eternity! i love relativity.......

p.s. that blogger physique picture, yes i made it. with microsoft paint. (i'm slightly addicted to it, which stems from my childhood and the resulting high levels of dopamine i experience when doing anything creative. which doesn't help my sleeping problem. moving on.) it was one of those "i'm awake so i might as well do something awesome" moments.

confession: this may hurt me in the long run.. but this must be said for my sanity. i love you guys, i do. i just can't stand it when random people leave a comment that is like "lolzzzz this is tha best blog eveeeerrrr u r so cuteeee plzz follow me @ starvedforattention.bloggyspot.com thx if u follw me ill follw u! xoxoxo" first of all, you suck at spelling words. next, i appreciate the .4 seconds it took to look over my blog and decide i was worth the spam, but please don't. if you like it, say so. if you don't like it, you're free to leave. post a comment like that and i will not ever look up you or your blog. ever. in fact i will lay awake at night and sacrifice my toenail clippings to the makers of the internet that your computer spontaneously combusts and then all the HTML on your site decides to curl up and die. on the same side, if i like your blog/ post/ ridiculous cuteness i will leave a comment saying so & probably keep reading because i creepily love you. i promise i am in nowise trying to get you to read or follow my blog when i comment on something.

♫ scaramoush scaramouch will you do the fandando? ♫

let's have a moment of silence for my $5 sunglasses that were sent to heaven by the purse monster yesterday.

here are some inspirations i found on pinterest that i plan on incorporating into my life ASAP...


  1. So I'm for real one of those readers who secretly creepily loves you. Your blog is adorable for real. Can't really get over it. And I'm adoring the chevron thing going around. Oh Pinterest!

  2. steph, please please please cut your hair like the hipster hair photo. do it for me :) you would ROCK it GIRL! haha love you, love your blog. and yes, i love your not-at-all-creepy comments on my blog :)

  3. lolz this is da beSt ting evEr.
    (is that right?) but really, that part got me and i did chuckle.
    cute blog!

  4. 1. SNL clips save a full time worker's soul
    2. Nude lips? I'm in.
    3. Chevron chair, please appear magically underneath me...now.