just do what you're supposed to and everything will be just fine.


by shel siverstein

oh, where are you goin', my jimmy-jack-john,
with only the moon for your light?
"i'm goin' 'round in search of the dawn and i'll prob'ly be gone most the night."

oh, why are you cryin', my jimmy-jack-john,
and why do you stare out to sea?
"i'm thinkin that over the waves of the pond the dawn lies a-waitin' for me."

but why do you wander, my jimmy-jack-john, 
a-roamin' in search of the blue?
just wrap yourself right in this blanket of night
and the dawn will come to you. 

just thought i'd share this. it was quite inspiring for a children's poetry book. then again, shel does that. maybe he's done it all along, and i've just been too little to realize it...?
for us who are trying so hard to find out what we're supposed to do in life & it's just not coming.. "be still, and know that i am God." 

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