koda's cuddling trick


i was talking about this to lauren the other day about how we've trained koda to cuddle with us when we ask.
but i've never realized that i take her sweet cuddling for granted. 
she definitely brightens any cold & dreary day
(it's cold & dark in this room, so i'm laying down with the laptop on my stomach. that's why i took on 3 other chins in this clip. ha) 


  1. Haha I hate when you lay down an appear fifty pounds heavier due to the double or possible triple chin. This is pretty stinkin cute :)

  2. Aw!! My cuddle buddy is called "spouse", but I want a kitten to cuddle sooo bad but we can't have animals in our apartment. Lame right? P.S. I just got into this whole adding buttons thing. Putting yours on my page right now!