"what's in my bag" VLOG

you are more than welcome to ignore the fact that i'm trying to keep dripping snot in my nose the whole time. other than that, you might get a kick out of my "one-take koda-interrupting unscripted unplanned attempt at vlogging"
step 1: turn up your volume. i mean it. this video is so quiet.
step 2: press play.
step 3: attempt to understand the words coming out of my mouth. if you can't, just know it's something dorky & be okay with it. also, be okay with the craptastic lag. i'm like bradley cooper in limitless. ahh-some.
step 4: laugh, because i'm hilarious.


step 5: alright now it's your turn. no adding things, no taking stuff out, just what is in your bag. it can be your purse, camera bag, backpack, just whatever you carry around the most. but do it. vlog it baby.
i want to see inside of your soul. 


  1. you're really funny.
    we should be real life friends. :)

  2. This totally made my day, I love "What's in your bag" videos :)