11 things squared

1. today is my 1 year anniversary at Intermountain Healthcare. i got an ecard from my boss and everythang.
2. we saw MI: ghost protocol over the weekend. i'm a huge supporter of tom cruise movies, but this one just about takes the cake. like omigosh. when he runs down the building? i peed.
3. for our annivesary, we're going to run away.
4. i've recently fallen in love with the baker's dozen chocolate chip cookies at Dan's. we bought some over the weekend, and went and got 2 more bags yesterday.
5. we sat down, did & filed our taxes last night... since when did we grow up?
6. i cry almost everytime i read this blog. they're so strong.
7. how about getting my hair done again? i'm thinking blonde.
8. if i threw a tea party this spring, how many of you want to come? even if it's zero, i've been planning one anyways. & it will happen.
9. i want an iPhone. re.......ally bad. mainly for instagram purposes.
11. i wish, more than anything right now, that i could tell you to read Hailey's blog. but i can't, because it's private. it's like our own secret bloggership. she's amazing & inspirational & sometimes i wish i was as classy as she is, but then i remember that i like being rogue. she's one person i'd drive all the way to a different state to meet.

she's the one that tagged me in this 11 questions thing, but i don't follow rules. so here are the answers to her questions she asked me to answer, & that's it.

1. if you met someone and hated their name, would that influence if you dated them? and if you already have a significant other, do you like their name?
not at all. unless it was, like, ted bundy. then i'd double think that relationship. and of course i love nick's name. it's hammer. like,  hammertime? that's what my boss calls me.
2. what is your proudest moment?
not including high school graduation, is anytime i finish something. which is almost never.
3. what is your favorite way to procrastinate?
oh, you know. facebook, playing with my cameras, re-doing my blog, sleeping. the usual.
4. if you could only eat one kind of dessert forever what would you choose?
chocolate chip cookies & cookie dough, duh.
5. do you feel awkward talking to people who are wearing sunglasses that you can see your reflection in or is that just me?
darling, that's just you. i feel more awkward when i'm wearing sunglasses and people stare at me but don't realize that i'm watching the people watching me. (jack johnson reference) and then they do the shifty eye thing where they're trying to look at you but aren't sure if you're looking at them, so they keep staring.
6. do you love anything striped right now?
what do i not love that is striped? i love all the striped things.
7. do you write in a journal and blog? why?
yes, because i've drawn the line between blog/journal appropriate. i now keep a moleskine that says "field notes" at the top and take it everywhere i go. then i get to my blog and it's like, oh, i don't have anything more to say. hmm. what's the most interesting part? and then i blog it.
8. what is your unrealistic fantasy career?
it's a slash career. mother/freelance nat geo photographer/graphic designer for a magazine/hair stylist/radiology technician specializing in ultrasounds/traveler of the world/italian fashion icon.
9. what is the most awkward situation you can think of?
going to church & starting my period all over myself. then going to the bathroom, and when i come back i accidentally tuck my skirt into the back of my tights, and then i have to walk to the front of the congregation & having the bishop tell me my skirt is up. then i start running back down the aisle and i trip into a pew and pass out. that's the worst i can think of.
10. are you an organized person?
technically, yes. my desktop on my computer, all my pictures, everything on my computer is always organized. i save bills and receipts. my desk at work has to be organized or i can't work. but when it comes to dishes & laundry.... thank you, no.
11. have you ever had to tell someone that you couldn't be their friend anymore?
oh yeah. it sucks too. but when a friendship becomes poisonous, you need to get out or risk becoming something you're not. i've had many, many friends who i've had to say "okay, please stop or i can't be your friend anymore" and they didn't change. so i had to leave them alone. and then somewhere in the future, like your wedding, they show up and everything is fine again between you two. it works out in the end.
on a happy note, there are only 21 days until the first day of spring. holla!


  1. I want to come to a tea party.

  2. steph. two things. 1) you better email me soon or i'm coming to hunt you down. and 2) i like you so much it's ridiculous and THIS POST made my day. oh wait there's a third thing. 3)yes, yes, yes to the blonde. and shooooot 4)i am hiring you to take my wedding pictures and engagements. do i have a boyfriend or even someone to take me on a date, NO. but i have my photographer and that's all that matters :)


  3. I think you should try blonde! yes and yes! I feel like I'd love a Tea party!

  4. i want to cry. that's how much i love your blog.

  5. Hi! Just found your blog, it's wonderful! Newly following :) xoxo, eliza