aw, husband.

look, big pictures of my husband! now that's my kind of post.
it's been pretty laid back around here. we made heart shaped whole wheat cinnamon rolls with healthy helpings of cream cheese frosting, and i took pictures of nick for my own personal benefit (and then made his eyes look like cyborg eyes. muah ha ha!)
we're coming up on our first year anniversary, and it's making me think about everything that's happened and everything i've learned since last march. which is a lot.
crazy daisy, right? right. now it's just figuring out how to celebrate using our tax return money. ideas, ideas.
well, have a good sunday. take care, homies!


  1. stephers, i just tagged you in a lame "11 things about your self ditty". just do it. ok thanks :)

  2. not only do these cinnamon rolls look delicious, but they also look adorable!

  3. You guys are so cute! The comment you just made on my blog made me smile so big! Thanks! I hope you're not disappointed!:) I tried to post it earlier, but my internet quit working and I had to run to institute. I haven't met my husband there like you though!;)

  4. these pictures are way too cute. ps. your design is FABBB!

  5. you guys are pretty cute, let me tell ya ;).
    Oooh two things...
    #1 The cinnamon rolls look so delish
    #2 What camera do you use? your pictures are amazing