a few of my favorite things

nick introduced me to this foreign candy, and i just can't get enough. it's like if christina aguilara was a mamba, she would be a Hi-Chew. i recommend buying some from the grocery store immediately.

my striped throw i got at ikea & my Pics-O-Andrea pillow case i won from Lauren's giveaway.

my favorite outfit of the moment.

another foreign candy my momma gave to me. it's the german version of what the perfect twix bar would be= replacing the caramel with truffle chocolate. mm tasty! 

we put fake gerber daisies into mexican sprite bottles. 

my puppy trying to desperately to play with her torn-to-shreds tennis ball. 

& last but not least, the Wen by Chaz Dean cleansing conditioner. it really does exactly what it says it will: it cleans your hair without stripping it of natural moisture, and it's so, so healthy. i used it with my long hair too, & it's simply divine. 


  1. Your favorite things just officially became my favorite things. For a) I need yellow tights ASAP for b) almost as bad as I need your striped throw and for c) we seriously must be bossom friends because I adore everything about you! :)

  2. My boyfriend is obsessed with hi-chews! I've only been able to find them in small packages, where did you find the big bag?!

    1. we found them at a Dan's grocery store on Foothill in Salt Lake City. we bought two bags and ate them all in the same day haha!

  3. i can't believe you have JUST tasted hi-chews! mmm, they're so good:) my brother went to japan on his lds mission almost 4 years ago and sent them to us all the time. so delicious:)

  4. I love Hi-Chews! Heath's dad brought home a bunch from Israel (I think, it may have been Costa Rica). Yum. :)

  5. Ah! I adore the window photo of the stark white against the brilliant pink and glossy green. Melt!