self portraits

5 things you didn't know about me

1. i believe that sugar cookies w/ pink frosting are the best things ever invented on this planet. ever. some say that the Granny B cookies are the winners, but no; it's the homemade cookies at Harmons that win. i have never tasted anything so great in my life.

2. inside, i secretly want to be a hipster. just secretly. although i'm about halfway there (the thrift stores, the gender-line-blurring haircut, the glasses, the tea obsession, the blogging, the not caring, the graphic design major) and i've still got a ways to go, it's not like i'm striving. or anything.

3. i do not want a baby anymore. someday i'll have them. but right now? it's potentially the furthest "item of yearning" on my mind, and is more likely to blind-side me on some idle tuesday when i stumble across someone's blog who says something about their baby/soon to be baby. every newlywed goes through the "oh my gosh. we can actually have babies. and start a family! yeah!" and i'm glad i had it and now it's over. it makes being with nick alone so much more fun!

4. i'm officially going to UVU starting this summer! what the what? yes. i'm putting my pride on the shelf and doing it. i want to finish my degree, i'm already a year into it and i'm not about to give up. i need to graduate from college. need. so, i'm gonna do it. hello night, weekend, & online classes! we're now bff's. can't wait to see all you fellow Wolverines on campus! let's catch up some time & drink hot chocolate. or skip class.

5. when i grow up, i want to have a wedding business with my mom & sisters. (okay, maybe my dad and brothers, too.) meg can do the catering, my mom can do the decorating & vendors, i want to do the graphic design & invitations (and be the event planner, etc.) and ally can do photography! it's the perfect match. someday, someday...

& that's all folks! TTFN.


  1. I just NEED to're gorgeous. Absolutely gorgeous. Everything about you. Your whole countenance just radiates like none other. WOW! Love you, love the new dew, and especially you! ;)

  2. :) You're so cute! I think that you could also be a photographer for your wedding business. Pink sugar cookies are the best. I got them from a secret admirer Sunday and they were really good! Now I can't quit thinking about who they could be from. Congrats on going back to school! What are you going into?

  3. i love the hair. and the vest. you're fabulous.

  4. it's official, i like you even more now. you're too cute steph :)