superbowl highlights

the best part of superbowl sunday (my first one ever. i've never actually watched the super bowl..)

was eating homemade pizza and playing "the commercial game" at sam & chas' with our friends rilee & tommy (who has the coolest camera ever. see above)

nick made the statement that we don't have many married friends, and then we had a conversation about how i was at least 4 years younger than everyone in the room. one of them even graduated almost 10 years before me. i'm such a little baby! talk about awkward.

but it was nice just to hang out. although i was tired and not the least interested in football (i though the giants were a baseball team?) i'm kinda sorta starting to figure out the whole "married life with friends" thing.

oh yes    this video.  is my favorite commercial.  ever.


  1. The Giants are a baseball team, too. You're not far off. :)

  2. cutest photo ever. :)
    also, i tried to get your button to work, could you send it to me again so I can put it on my blog? :)