a valentine's date

best valentine's day, ever.
nick had flowers delivered to me at work on monday so i could enjoy them longer.
on actual valentine's day, i stopped by the store to get some goodies after work, and i came home to a completely spotless apartment that smelled amazing.
there were even rose petals all over the bed (aww)
then i set up my strawberries and what nots, and after i picked Nick up from school we dropped by to get our food from Pei Wei.
we had our own little picnic at the house, complete with candles, christmas lights, & cuddling.
then we finished the night off with a few episodes of Hey Arnold, Psych, and "guess which flavor of chocolate this is!"
amazing. simply amazing. hope yours was just as great & love filled!

Happy half-priced Valentine's cookies at the store day!


  1. aww! This is the cutest valentines day ever! Beautiful pictures. :)

    <3Chelsea Elizabeth

  2. How cute are you guys! We had a nice easy night in (hiding from everyone in Provo) and loved it. Also... your post about strip horse just about killed me.

  3. NOT EVEN FAIR. Ok, I'm sure it's deserved. Can't a girl be jealous?