happiness is...

- eating lunch in the sun on the 3rd floor patio at work
- eating my 12th red velvet cupcake in the last 5 days
- my new teacup i painted at Color Me Mine on our anniversary
- love letters from nick
- house hunting.. and dreaming
- registering for classes & getting every single one i want
- thinking about Disneyland
- general conference this weekend
- hair that has finally grown out from a horrendous haircut a couple weeks ago
- swimsuit season quickly approaching
- lace dresses found on etsy & tea length tulle skirts ready to make
- summer, summer, summer.


  1. This is the best list I think I've ever seen! Also, I can't imagine you having a bad haircut. I'm so head over heels in love with the picture in your header, I can't help but picture your hair any other way :) xoxo! eliza

  2. I thought you liked your faux hawk?

    1. oh i LOVE it. love love love it. when i got it cut the first time i've never loved anything more. but then i got a "trim" a couple weeks ago... and it was awful. i cried all day because i couldn't believe how bad it looked. it's finally growing out & now i'm never going to anyone but cailey EVER AGAIN.

  3. Cuuute tea cup!! I've been planning on making one of those for a while now!

  4. This list makes me feel very happy! You made that teacup?! Props lady. You got skillz.

  5. where in the world did you get that cup?? it might just be the cutest thing I've ever laid eyes on!

  6. aw thanks guys! and i painted it myself @ color me mine. if you're in utah, there's one in provo, draper, & salt lake, if i can remember correctly. you paint your own ceramic "thing" (i have 2 mugs & 2 ice cream bowls) and they fire & glaze it for you. it's so fun!