Leo Patrone Photography

here's the scoop: recently i was looking up a wedding (my best friend Austin's older sister's 100% vegan wedding, to be exact) to show my friend who's getting married in August (OH YEAH) and found the photos i was looking for. then i decided to go onto the photographer's site to look at more.
and i stayed on that site for quite awhile. then moved to his other site.
and i kept feverishly looking through all the photos until i got my wedding/photography fix. and then i thought, "more people should know about him."
seriously, this guy is incredible. it makes me want to cry a little bit. and best of all, all of his photos are on film. FILM.
how does he do it? blows my mind. i aspire to be him. um.. but a girl version.
if i had another wedding he would definitely be the photographer. even if i had to pay out of my butt for his work, it would all be worth it.
who knows? maybe when i become rich and famous, i'll hire him just for a portrait session.

just, go look.


  1. ummmm i do this daily! and i love leo patrone. i literally want to plan all of my friends weddings! because i love it so much!

  2. haha i do this too, if I could have my wedding re-shot.. iris & light would be my photogs and videographer.. obsessed with their work!