a million eyes, you are the brightest blue

i had a terrible case of the mondays yesterday, where i moved from one failure to the next without the mercy of a grace period inbetween.
so in the midst of loads of laundry i grabbed a DIY sweatshirt project gone awry and began un-stitching it with my seam ripper.
and i cried.
and soon i started counting: every stich was something i was something good. i'm thankful for that rock. for the bed. for my job. for socks.
and you know? there's a lot to be grateful for.

tuesdays have become my "friends" day. last week we played with rachael, drew & baby creighton, ate wings & mocked kareoke singers who do not do Queen any justice.
tonight i'm spending dinner with one of the most amazing people in the world. her name is mccall, and she's a redhead. we're going to talk about life and probably eat some spicy food. later i'm going to yoga with the women in my ward. i couldn't be more excited.
well, any chance i get to wear normal clothes is a bonus. this job kills my personality & harshes my mellow. (name that movie!) and since i jump into sweats and a sweatshirt as soon as i get home, the only time i wear my real clothes is if i actually go out of the house. huzzah.

alright, enough of that. take care homies. party on!


  1. The movie is "A Cinderella Story," right? Sorry, I'm a creeper. But I discovered your blog a couple of weeks ago, & I love it. Again, sorry to be creepin'. You & your hubby are adorable!

    1. haha ya it is a cinderella story! you go, emma. you are NOT a creeper! you are sweet & thank you!

  2. 1. I feel you on Monday. It was just ... ugh! But glad yours turned around too!
    2. So I work at a pool. NEVER get to wear real clothes. Miss it all the time. Makeup? Haha. That's funny.
    3. I'm so glad we are blog friends.