prose on herbal tea & snippets

my favorite is peach.
nick and i have got some awful cold going on over here, and i can barely keep my eyes open due to total lack of sleep last night. what is this?
i've gone through enough tissues to successfully blanket the world's homeless, & when i'm not at work i'm in my pajamas with with my mouth wide open like a goon, for my nose is simply hopeless.
and, i've ventured further into the world of herbal tea. not sure how that's going.
aside from being too spicy, the darker teas tend to stain my white foam cup. and then i think of my pearly whites and how they must not be stained! i think i'll stick to the fruity/vanilla herbal teas from now on.

i'm thinking about opening my heart to starting an etsy shop. i.e. blog design, invitation design, cards, etc.
i'm not sure how i feel about it yet. i also want to practice taking pictures. lovey pictures, weddings, engagements for cheap & for fun. any thoughts?

THIS GIRL'S BLOG IS NOW OPEN TO PUBLIC VIEWING. please go there. now. you won't be disappointed.

does anyone else ever feel like trolling* pinterest? like, "that pale blue hair color is good, if you're in clown school."
*(not that i ever will, because it's just rude.)

UVU? let's not go there. even though i am. fail.

♫ so sick so sick of being tired, and oh so tired of being sick ♫

i'm having the hardest time finding just the right pair of sunglasses for this spring/summer. it just has to be perfect. can you believe it's here?! this weather is just wondrous. i look forward to many evenings spent on our new longboards. those with longboards, come to join us!

i almost applied for a full time job at KSL Studio 5 as a Studio Coordinator & Photographer. totally qualified. totally great. totally irrational if we want to buy a house somewhere in the future. (which we will!)

our 1 year anniversary is on monday. i'm still in awe. wedding/honeymoon posts soon to follow.

also, thanks all of you for reading this blog and making me feel special. i'm so grateful for the friends i've made, those i've been able to keep in touch with & the acquaintances i've acquired. you are all beautiful and i look forward to reading about your lives daily & i'm so happy i can share mine with you.

with that said, huzzah for fridays!


  1. Taking back Sunday. I miss those guys making music. I'm doing two weddings I know of so far this year. If you would like to accompany me just to shadow your totally welcome to. They're in June, but it would probably be good practice?

    1. i miss taking back sunday also. i would love to come shadow!

  2. i have weddings starting in april through the summer if you ever want to second shoot with me, let me know!

    1. I have a wedding on April 6th at the Salt Lake temple. Email me if you want to come second shoot! :)

  3. that reminds me of how this week i ran to class and was late for my quiz. i ran up too a seat and my nose was totally running, here i am sniffing in the back trying to complete my quiz. my teacher walks out of the room, comes in with a tissue box, walks all the way to the back and gives it too me, so kind, but so embarrassing.

    as for the pinterest thing, i totaly agree, i always want to, but i never do it. i would love to go long boarding, but i have been forbidden since my first and last time, sad :(

    hope you are feeling better soon!