pulling teeth.

yesterday nick got one of his molars extracted, and it's been a loritab trip for the past couple of days. (him, not me, i promise!) 
so in his "absence" i got creative-- this are our only easter decorations, & the only decorations that have been up since... christmas. i know i know... we're hip.
he also had an interview today. a BIG interview. wish him luck! 

this new blogger layout... kind of digging it? i like how big it is now. not so confined & squelching.

for now i have a puppy asleep on my lap, a husband who is zonked out on the blow-up bed (we're borrowing it from my parents so our friends can stay over this weekend & he decided it's more fun than our real bed) in the middle of the living room, and a growling belly. t'is to be an exciting evening, fellas, you can count on that! 


  1. i love those decorations. they are seriously super cute. i love it.
    also, im jealous you have a puppy.


  2. I love the little blurb telling readers who you are but for some reason i wish it also said that you have the same hair stylist! I also love your header!! great taste. As for your Easter decorations...I can feel a little Easter in my soul, very nice