alyssa's favorite things

today's bout of goodness is brought to you by the letter A.
her name is Alyssa. what is her blog, you ask? Sincerely, Smeda.
her & her hubster Chris are having a baby boy, like, any second now! *in chorus* awww!
they are just oh-so-cute -- her scavenger hunt she did for Chris is just SO COOL, i might steal her idea.
& i love imagining what it will be like when nick's finishing school & we have a bebe on the way.. but the chance of us being pregs right now is about the same as it looking/feeling like spring halfway through April in Utah. geez. moving on.
here's her wonderful list of things to look forward to after may:

ten things i love about spring/summer time:

1. NO SNOW! Winter + Idaho = very cold winters.  < pffft. it snowed 3 inches a few days before my high school graduation-- which was at the end of May. BOOOO utah!
2. Flip flop tan lines =)
3. Ice cream, popsicles & slurpees!
4. Picnics at the park.
5. Green grass & pretty flowers.
6. Going for walks. 
7. Summer vacations. 
8. The beach & swimming. 
9. Clothes. Spring & summer time always has the cutest!
10. Sunshine = happiness.
i'm going to add a #11 in there, and it says "a cute little boy for the summer that i can dress him in cute clothes & pinch his cheeks & give him all the kisses in the world- and have him come along on these new adventures & i don't have to be pregnant during the hot summer months!"
thanks alyssa! good luck with baby boy & i hope all goes well for mommy & daddy!
i was waiting for snow cones to come up on that list ;) haha, oh i'm just kidding. but really.
can i tell you guys a secret? i have never tanned my feet. ever. she said she loves flip-flop tanlines? i can tan every part of my body EXCEPT my feet, no matter how hard i try...  they just remain pasty white all. the. time. i can't even remember a time when i had flip flop tanlines. i thought i had some once, and then i realized it was just dirt. oh well. maybe this summer!
cheers, little ones. & _____ friday the 13th.
p.s. any of you going to the bijou market tomorrow? if so, perhaps we will see you there.


  1. I will be there! (at the bijou market) maybe we will run into each other :)

  2. Helloooo. I didn't know where else to comment so I thought I'd do it here. I found your blog through a friend of mine, hailey reed and it is adorable! I'm excited to get to know you a bit better. I'm a little newish to this whole blogging world but I love it.