hey Miki!

today's list comes from dearest Miki from Becoming What I Always Was. if you haven't seen her blog, do it now. she's so fun & is always updating. my kind of lady!


I seriously love me some summer. I am so excited that it is quickly approaching, I can tell because Utah weather is crazy during the spring. It is 81 degrees one day and 59 the next day (today and yesterday).  

When summer arrives it feels like the whole city opens their doors. Do you know that feeling I am talking about where all the sudden you start hearing from your friends again, asking you to go out and planning fun weekend vacations just to get out. I am getting a little antsy just talking about it!

My husband and I actually created a summer bucket list this year with the top things we want to do this summer, that I am going to share with you. Some items are a little far fetched, but we will try and make them happen! I plan for this list to make it to my own blog one day, but that hasn't happened just yet.

Jared and Miki's Summer Bucket List:
  • Go to Lake Powell !!! (If you've never been it's a must - it's like the grand canyon filled with water.)
  • Go on a hike/Backpacking trip through Zions.
  • Go camping up the canyon with friends or stay at an HOA
  • Go to at least 2 of the twilight summer concerts ( Salt Lake hosts free concerts every Thursday during the summer, they get crazy crowded and super fun)
  • Go Nighttime Urban Spelunking ( I think my husband made this word up, but he wants to go through houses that aren't built yet and explore)
  • Go Mini Golfing
  • Get a Tattoo
  • Go to a Water park
  • Go Bungee Jumping or Sky Diving
  • Go to the Fair and go on all the rides
  • Watch the Sunrise from a roof top
  • Go on a weekend road Trip
  • Go to a Drive-in Movie
  • Go to the SLC art festival
  • Look for really cheap round trip flights and spend the weekend in a random city we’ve never been to before
  • Go to Wyoming and go River Rafting

Jared and I Braving the waters on Green River last summer

It's only 16 items, and so I am really hoping this summer we can complete them all, because that would seriously be awesome. Maybe with some we can even hit two birds with one stone... like sky dive into a drive in movie.. yeah that sounds awesome!


thanks, deary! i just might have to steal a few of these ideas for myself. they're great! like a backpacking trip through Zions? did you know that you can start a backpacking trip in Kolob canyon & make your way down through Zions? i know that's on my life bucket list! three cheers for Miki & three cheers for summer! hip hip!


  1. Miki! I am doing some of these things too!

    1. Are you going to go to Lake Powell with me? :)

  2. Thanks for sharing this stephanie! I enjoyed writing it for you!

  3. I think our summer lists are almost identical. And, in a totally not creepy way, all the pictures of you and your husband make me wedding hungry.