love, nicole

this is Nicole- we'll call her Nic. she tells her tale over at Living with Fletch. & she just got MARRIED! *aww* her and her hubster goes to ASU, and boy are they just fabulous. i love working with her & am so thrilled to share with you the things she loves about summer on this day. i mean, look at her?!
Nicole's Favorite Things about Summer
1. Weddings - including my own HOLLA!
2. Fashion - after being bundled up in jackets and scarfs who isn't ready to wear a skirt?
3. Sunshine - i am in desprate need of a tan
4. Swimming - particularly at the lake... on a yacht... and not getting my hair wet
5. Heat - for some reason i love that feeling of it being so hot in your car your pores open up
6. No School - i am heading into my senior year and CANNOT wait until it is over!
7. Country - something about summer makes me want to listen to country music
8. Sunscreen - i love this smell, right up there with rain and the freezer... don't ask
9. Scholarships Applications - time to apply, CHA-CHING!
10. Blogs - more time to read side by side survival guide and dink around on other fabulous blogs
11. Flowers - because i am a cheater
thanks nic! my favorite part about this is getting in a burning hot car.. i always love doing that after going swimming and just sit enjoying the warmth. and eating ice cream.

alright guys, have a great friday. if you're looking for a date night, i suggest Settebello Pizzaria & Gellateria in Salt Lake City.

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