oh, look, i'm eating more food.

arby's in American Fork, pizza pie cafe in Highland (yes folks, that is peach cobbler, raspberry & cookie dough pizza) & baskin robbins in Salt Lake.

that's what we've been up to for the past few weeks! food, food & more food. we also drove my mom's spyder eclipse, went to a wedding, babysat my parents' dogs, ate stuffed crust pizza, did an easter egg hunt, got new shoes, checked out a house for sale, saw old friends, went on lots of dates, went shopping at costco,
played with meg at the bijou market & she showed me frozen yogurt at Menchie's for the first time EVER (i had grapefruit sorbet(?) with blackberries & kiwi. where has this been my whole life?

& then we settled down for a little nap afterwards.


  1. i see from your hubby's shirt that you are perhaps huskers fans? is this true?

    1. his momma's from Nebraska & all of them are huge Huskers fans! I can't say they're converting me, but i will cheer for them. are you guys?

  2. Well my husband could care less about how the huskers do... He's more of a Georgia fan... For who knows why... But my dad played for the huskers back in the day and grew up in nebraska as well so he's a huuuge fan of course. And I tell ya.... Those huskers fans are passionate. I've never met one that isn't.

  3. that pizza looks DIVINE. oh my word.

  4. Uh your shoes are pretty much the cutest!! And the food looks absolutely delicious!! It's making me hungry just looking at it :)

  5. it was nice seeing you at menchies. and yes, stop by anytime! please, please do. for reals.

  6. okay, all of this food looks amazing!! You have successfully made me jealous and hungry :)
    Amy xo