this is the beautiful Julia Barger who will be speaking to us today. she is lovely, & blogs over at Writer's Block Near You. if you like beautiful pictures, family & fun then this is the place for you. seriously, check out her list & her blog, i promise you won't be disappointed!

1. Garage Sales. I LOVE grabbing my bike, cruising the town, and hunting for that perfect item. (And yes, I'm THAT person. The one with the fanny pack and the basket on their bike. It's how I roll.)
2. SNOW CONES. (Tigers Blood is my weakness!)
3. The green-ness of everything. It's refreshing.
4. Wake-boarding! My parents have a boat, soooo pretty much every hot day we have we hit the lake and break out the wake-board. Good times. (Also good wipe outs.)
5. I love the bright colors Spring and Summer brings. The yellows and pinks and blues. They just make me happy! (Plus they make the paleness that is my skin look....not so pale.)
6. Camping...who doesn't love that??
7. Mine and my husbands Anniversary. :) Yay for celebrations.
8. Biking...the town I live in is fairly small so when the weather is nice, I like to bike every where I can.
9. 4th of July! Every 4th of July my husband's family (extended and all) throw a HUGE party/firework show and our whole church comes out. It's a blast. Literally. Yup. I went there.
10. Homemade ice-cream. (Technically, this could take every spot on the list. I couldn't probably live off of it actually.)

thanks Jules!! i love LOVE this whole list. another point for snow cones! camping is also one of my favorite parts of summer. love love love it. thanks again!


  1. This list gets two thumbs up. ;-)In fact, I am going to desperately beg my hubby to go camping with me tonight.

  2. Hello Julia!!! This Summer list gets two thumbs up. ;-) In fact, I think I'm going to start begging the hubby to go camping right now.

    Steph, nice blog!