summer - the vivian way

today's list is from vivian. HI VIVIAN! *i may or may not have a slight girl crush on her.
she blogs over at Vivian Eileen, and you should probably check out her "about me" page first to look at the picture of her and her husband on their wedding day. swoon.
anyways, she's cool and has a cat and is all sorts of crafty. jealous.
& here she goes!

10 things I love about spring and summer:
1. Starburst jelly beans. Seriously, those things are like crack to me.  And when the weather's a little warmer my crack becomes SNOW CONES! Yum! Tiger's Blood please.
2. Sunshine and longer days.  
3. Trips to visit family and camping with my husband.  Both of us are done with school and just working,  but it still seems the only time we're both able to take off work is in the summer.
4. Bike rides.  This is my favorite thing to do on Sunday afternoons with my husband.
5. Baby animals. My husband makes fun of me for this, but I looove seeing all the baby ducks during spring.
6. Blossoms on trees, and flowers everywhere.
7. Frozen yogurt! I like to put a little of everything on mine, but my favorite topping is those tiny gummy bears.
8. Fresh corn on the cob and tomatoes from the garden.  I dream of the day when I can buy corn on the cob for just 25 cents a cob.  It is so good!  And garden tomatoes means homemade salsa!
9. Swimming.
10. My birthday! It's June 23rd and I think it's the best time to have a birthday.  It's almost exactly halfway in the year from Christmas, and I have never been at school on my birthday.

girl! i agree with the snow cones 4000%. i worked at a pool concession stand one summer & we got free snow cones whenever we wanted. tiger's blood always stained my hands but it was so worth it. i got to eat one almost every day! woooo. & corn on the cob? KILL ME. *in the best way possible.
my favorite way to eat corn on the cob is with grilled chicken, potato salad & fresh cut pineapple. talk about good summer BBQ! geez, get out. i'm over this office with no windows. GIVE ME SUMMER.

anyways, thanks VIV! you ROCK.

ciao bebes!


  1. shes so cute, im jealous.

    ps i nominated for you a little award thingy on my blog, mainly because you stalk me. lol jk. but really.


  2. Thanks for this Steph! you're the best!! it sounds like we all need to get together this summer and eat snow cones :)