today's message is brought to you by...

the lovely Sara from Happiness Is According to Sara and she is sharing with us the 10 things that make her so happy about spring summer. 

i mean, for reals, utahans are you with me? this weather has been SO GREAT. hence the absence of blog posts. so indulge, my friends! & check out Sara's blog for more things that make her especially happy.

sunset picture taken by Sara herself

10 things that make Sara SOOO happy about spring/summer:

1. wearing shorts & sandals
2. eating snow cones
3. blossoms that start appearing on all the trees
4. roasting smores over a fire in the mountains
5. warm rain showers
6. getting the tan i dream about 
7. no school = no homework
8. rolling the windows down in the car
9. warped tour!
10. popsicles. they are my summer diet

awesome list sara! all of those things are just making me drool. & snow cones are my favorite. especially Snoasis in Alpine. I always get peach mixed with raspberry & cream on top. mmmm! thanks for sharing!
& how about you guys? what are you so unbelievably excited for? any special plans this summer? fill me in!


  1. oh stephanie:) you are adorable! this just made my day:) thank you!

  2. oh gosh, i am SO with her on the summer diet and popsicles. getting a head start as we speak ;)
    xo TJ

    1. me dos! my favorite are the big otter pops you get at carnivals.. the white pina colada ones are the BEST.

  3. Popsicles = LOVE. I could easily sit down and eat 10 of them towards the end of my pregnancy last year!! OK, so maybe I could still sit down and eat 10 of them... hahaha!! Just kidding. Maybe.

    Other summer plans? Harrison turns 1. ONE. How did this happen!? AND... Drumroll.... We're going to DISNEYLAND!!! I'm so excited. :) Joy. One more thing... Our 5 year anniversary. What?

    P.S. FACT - I really miss you and Halene every day. :(

    1. when i grab otter pops i grab like 6 at a time & go at it. you are not alone!
      he's really turning 1?! what is this?! GEEZ. throw a party & invite us!!
      haylee, i can't imagine.. all those marvelous things. i'm SO JEALOUS.
      come visit us! we miss you too :( camille is.... so quiet.