what amy loves about summer

hey. this is amy from Amy and the City. she pretty much is awesome, in case you were wondering. but then again, who DON'T i feature that isn't awesome sauce?
anyways, the city they live in is Melbourne. wait, you don't know where Melbourne is? i'll give you a hint: right now she's getting ready for winter... on a side note, to say i'm jealous of their location would be quite the understatement. someday i'm going to move out of utah, oh just you WAIT! italy here i come!

friends, if you're aching for a bit of lovely & goodness, then head on over to Amy & the City for a sweet treat.

& here's her summer list!

1. Being able to stay out late at night and have it still be warm
2. Ice cream  - need I say more?!
3. Wearing shorts again
4. Days lounging around at the beach
5. Experimenting with making different flavored popsicles
6. Feeling warm and sunny!
7. Packing away the boots and bringing out the sandals and flip flops
8. Summer storms cooling the weather down on hot days
9. Summer holidays
10. Spring flowers blooming!

"2. Ice cream - need I say more?!" non! i'm convinced that ice cream is the whole reason for the summer season. i'll take it any way i can get it. my favorite are the Drumstick Ice Cream Cones with fudge in them. there is nothing more, to me, that screams summer than one of those melting on your hand & on your face. you know?

anyways. holla to 80 degree weather, homies!

if you need me, i'll be outside.. tanning.....

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  1. Haha you are so sweet Steph!! This is such a tease today as it is freezing cold and raining!