what Jennie loves about summer

Jennie with her radical friends on the 4th of July last year

this is one of the most hilarious people ever. her name is Jennie & she blogs over at Oh... This is Awkward.
seriously, go check it out. you will laugh & pee.
sometimes we even play "draw something" together, and i always get a good laugh out of her drawings. WHAT WHAT.
& this is what she loves most about summer.
1. The fact that I don't have to wear pant is reason numero uno that I love summer. In fact, pants offend my legs and I will wear dresses and skirts instead. Sometimes I just don't feel like wearing pants in the wintertime, so I try wearing a dress, and that never works out too well for me.

2. Sandals! I love the idea of not wearing shoes! They don't offend me like pants do, but man, I love wearing sandals. This winter I went from wearing Uggs to wearing sandals overnight and I haven't looked back since.

3. One of my very favorite perfumes, Ralph Lauren Cool, reminds me of summer and I only wear it when I'm feeling summery. You can bet your buttons that I am wearing that perfume at this very moment, in my skirt and sandals.

4. Not wearing make up! Okay, let's be real here, I don't really wear much make up anyway, because I am lazy. But now that summer's here, it becomes more socially acceptable and I just roll with it.

5. Okay, this one is going to be a little bit weird, but I start listening to Christmas music during the summer. It makes me excited for Christmas time, because that is my very favorite time of the year! I spend about 85% of my year wishing it was Christmas time, and June is when Christmas-sickness begins. Now, if we could have Christmas in the summer time, man, I would never want it to be any other months!

6. Popsicles! By no means am I a health nut, but I only eat the 100% fruit popsicles by Dreyer. They're kind of expensive, but they are so much better for you and I just want to eat them always. Oh, we'll add Skinny Cow truffle-y ice creams too, because I am pretty sure I could just eat those two things, plus tater tots, and I would be good for a couple solid months.

7. I grew up right next to a river and a lake, along with some grandparents who had a huge pool. AKA I used to be a fish. My family used to own a boat, which was so much fun! Last summer we went jet skiing on the lake and I am pretty sure that that was the most fun I had in all of 2011......no kiddin'.

8. Tanning. This one is more of a wish I have every summer rather than something I look forward to. Moving on.

9. This summer, my family gets to be visiting me for a couple week! I haven't seen them since December and since I'm limited to seeing them only three times a year {summer, Thanksgiving, and Christmas) nowadays, this is something that is pretty exciting for me. I probably should have put this one higher than #9. Ehhh.

10. Up until last year, I sort of thought that the Fourth of July was incredibly lame. Turns out that it is just my family who celebrates it lamely, and last year since I celebrated it with my best friends, IT WAS A BLAST! I'm planning on making it un-lame again this year too. {Sorry, Dad.}

thanks Jennie! you rule. literally.
are you all laughing? i know i am. because summer is great & so is she.

happy day!


  1. Oh, Steph, you are great. And I have huge blog crush on you and your designing skills.

    And you are the best draw something-er ever! I am sorry that I suck. Ha!

  2. Jennie: CHRISTMAS IN JULY!!!!! Look into it, I swear it exists.