xo, lauren

good morning my fellow americans. & a happy monday.
today i am pleased to announce the summer love list from dear Lauren at peace love lauren. she is one my favorites & quite a lovely girl if i do say so myself. plus, they've just announced something HUGE and i couldn't be more excited for them! scream! someday, maybe, i'll be as cool & as gorgeous as she is. but until then....
10 things i love about summer
1. i love playing with our nieces & nephews outside in the sunshine! we love blowing bubbles, rolling in grass, and licking melty popsicles.
2. i love warmth. i love getting into my oven of a car when it's been left in the Costco parking lot for hours. it's pure bliss baby.
3. i love smelling like chlorine. growing up as a swimmer all my life, swimming pools just hit home for me!
4. i love blowing on every dandelion i see and making the same wish each time. 
5. i love doing the No Pants Dance with that husband of mine.
6. i love making out on a park bench (with that husband of mine). 
7. i love that little rexburg comes alive when the sun is out and about.
8. i love celebrating both of our birthdays & anniversary
9. i love sitting on the porch & eating mac-n-cheese
10. i love leaving all of the doors & windows in our apartment wide wide open.

xo lauren
my favorite summer memories involve porches in one way or another. eating a popsicle, eating a salad, eating a burger, listening to music, waiting for a friend... such wonderful times on porches. thanks again lauren! you're just wonderful!

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