just a teeny update. it's all i've got.

- i started summer school this monday and it's already kicking my butt. sleep... what is that? but don't worry, i plan on kicking all of my classes' butts right back. w'cha!

- nick & i got iPhones last weekend! yes folks, that means instagram.. woohoo! so if you have instagram, i want to follow you. okay? hit me up @mrsschammer. don't have instagram? okay, go here. i'll be on that a lot more now instead of on here. i'm sorry, but school takes lots of time i just don't have... it's sad, i know. you should see my planner.

- koda is great, just as cute as ever & we are trying to get her to stop chewing up the furniture.. literally. & she turned one. aw.

- nick got a job! he works on campus at the U & we get crazy discounts on everything in the bookstore... umm yes, it is awesome.

-  there are lots of parties coming up that i'm super stoked for. i'll definitely be dedicating a post just to the awesome times i'm going to have very soon

- & just as a side note, if you haven't tried the SoBe Life Water Pacific Coconut w/ coconut water you're SO missing out on what may be my favorite drink of the summer. if you go to Target right now SoBe Life Waters are 10 for $10 and you get a $5 gift card right at the register... so they're only 50 cents each! you should go to there.

- this is the first time all week i've been on here and (although it goes without saying) my reader has so many unread posts that it's embarassing. but no need to fear! in 5 weeks' time i'll be back. pinky promise.

p.s. if anyone has tips about surviving online college classes as well as regular classes.... please let me know.


  1. school is kicking my butt too, gosh dang. i mean i think we are in like our third week, but still.
    instagram is the best.
    yay for jobs! my husband used to work at the byu bookstore, but it sucked. haha. hopefully yours is better.

    as for the online college courses, i actually work byu independent study tech support. my mom is currently taking classes from us as well as teaching full time (so i think that counts as regular classes) she has a set time every day where she studies. i definitely think there are two ways to do it. you can either cram through it or set up a regular pattern.

    good luck


  2. I had the hardest time with online classes. I blame it on the ADD of the internet world. If I am online I have to check my facebook, twitter, blog and such. I have found the online way to survive school in general is to take it all offline. Books and a pen and paper. I am sure you are a better student than me! That's awesome your man got a job! I would love some book discounts!

  3. I started summer school the other day and I hate it too. Keep on going!!
    I love following your blog. :) Seriously. Come stop by and come follow!
    Oh, Just Living the Dream

  4. yayayayayaaaayyyy for instagram!!!!! I'm obsessed. It's sad.

  5. Girl. I've gotta try that SoBe. I am obsessed with SoBe.
    As for surviving online classes... just don't procrastinate. Oh dear. That was my problem and it messed me up.

  6. Just found your blog and I'm loving it. Cute little posts like this make me so happy. I had no idea Target had such a good deal on coconut water. I will be going to there. Promise.

  7. i just realized i never texted you back!! glad you got that book! we need to get together while you're down here for school! love your blog, stalk it all the time. post more please. :) xoxo.