my turn: what i love most about summer

giant s'more - summer of '10 at Mirror Lake

1. camping. i love the smell of campfire on my clothes, bundling up in a tent on a cold night, giant s'mores, peach cobbler in the dutch oven, big sweatshirts & singing songs around the fire.

2. the smell of a sprinkler on the grass at dusk. i don't know why, but it's like rain without having to get wet & i can run through them if i choose. it smells like pure summer.

3. carnivals. where my family lives each city does their own "carnival" for their "city days" celebration. that's at least 3 times in the summer! i love the rides & all the cute pictures i can take.

4. hiking. oh the memories. i love hiking up to stuart falls, the timpanogos cave, silver lake, battlecreek falls, and the alpine rock slide every summer. there's nothing like waking up bright and early and hitting the mountain-- i feel my adrenaline going just thinking about it! this year i hope to sunrise hike timpanogos herself. or maybe conquer king's peak. who wants to join?!

5. the fourth of july. it's always a big event for the summer, especially with all the delicious food we get to make. fudge covered cherries, homemade rootbeer and cream soda, tasty bbbq.. the list goes on and on! and who can deny fireworks? not i.

6. the seasonal food. i'm talkin watermelon, corn on the cob, cherries, berries, cantaloupes, grapes, apricots straight from the tree, fruit stands by the side of the road & farmer's markets!

7. water. i love spending time by a lake (tibble fork- i want to fish & go canooing & cook the fish!) going swimming, jumping on the trampoline with the hose, hot tubbing, water parks, etc. you just can't do that any other time of the year.

8. getting a tan. i love being outside in the summer because i get tan! one of my favorite things to do (and i know it's slightly selfish & vain) but i lay out with tanning lotion on, listen to music & sleep. then i wake up and i'm magically tan. it's my favorite way to do nothing in the summer time.

9. looking forward to summer night dates. i can't wait to take our longboards out to the park, go and get snowcones or ice cream, take our puppy on a walk, eat a romantic picnic, string up lights in the backyard & have late night movies outside, bbq's and good old fashioned night games.

10. and of course, SNOW CONES. my absolute favorite place to get snow cones in the summer is a little shack called "Snoasis" next to the junction in Alpine, Ut. seriously, people, if you live in utah and you haven't been there you are sorely missing out on one of the best experiences of your life. may i make a suggestion? get a medium with half peach and half raspberry with cream on top. i promise you will be so happy you might just burst.

 i for one can't WAIT to start school this summer as well as host a tea party, work with some lovely ladies on photoshoots & get a little involved with my community. have a fantastic day & start your summers if you already haven't!
i'll be spending mine cleaning the house & figuring out which external hard drive to buy because darn it i've completely filled up my computer's again (for the 3rd time.) and i have no other options.



  1. Love love love laying out, even if it is 110 degrees outside. Nothing like the heat in STG.

    Snow cones are my weakness, I have to stop at least once a day! (is that awful?)

    We hike alot in Zion's! Let us know if your ever in that neck of the woods:)

    1. DUDE! let's be friends. we LOVE zions. most likely going back down there this summer to hike subway or even the narrows- we really don't know yet. & we can get snow cones!

  2. This whole series makes me want summer so badly. I love that you mentioned the smell of a sprinkler, as soon as I read that I started craving it! I love walking late at night, and smelling the wet cold grass. yum.