tiffy's graduation

I need to pay tribute to my my best friend tiffy graduating from Snow College 3 whole weeks ago. a post long overdue.

nick and i took off one morning all the way down to ephraim just to see her walk. she even graduated cum laude-- go tiff!

we're awesome and were 10 minutes late to the program. even though her parents had saved seats for us we couldn't find them in the sea of people. so we stood for almost a whole hour before we went into the "overflow" section just so we could sit. we ended up walking and standing the back anyways just to see her walk, and that took FOREVER. the best part is that i was texting her while she was graduating.. i guess some things never change.

i won her best friend award because i drove for 2 hours, stood for 2 hours, and drove back another 2 hours just to watch her walk across a stage. but it was worth it. best friends are always worth it, no?

now she works up in salt lake, and she might even be moving right next to us so i can see her all the time.

(the picture of us hugging was taken while we were jumping up and down from excitement. LOVE. HER.)

congrats tiffy!

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  1. I love the first photo! You guys look so happy(: Congrats to your bff!