on being an artist

(in the process of a shadow portrait // the makings of an 18th century painting.)

i'm convinced that when you're a kid you know exactly what you want to do with your life.
it's growing up that changes our minds and makes us shy away from our passions to do what is "popular" or "makes the most money."
i wanted to be an artist. well, i mean, i wanted to be a dentist, a paleontologist, a mermaid, a rock star, a kindergarten teacher, a ballerina, a fashion designer, and a mommy/wife also. (but who says i don't still want to be those things?)

there's just something about fresh pencils, eraser shavings, line shapes, colors, having all of your stuff spread out over the desk and becoming so consumed in your work that you're bent completely over with your face pratically smudging the paper. you know? where you don't notice that it's been three hours since you started & where you're so completely enthralled with what you're doing that nothing else matters in the whole world and you just feel alive?

oh, it's just fantastic.

anything i'm creating, either on the computer or on paper or through my camera lenses or in my head, it's the creating that makes me fall in such deep love with art.

i'm so so glad that i finally decided to follow my passions in school. i get so excited about new artists or ideas, concepts, and techniques. constantly, oh constantly i get these "ah-HA!" moments where it just clicks and something i've thought about design deep down in my soul is fine-tuned and brought into the light. almost like i've always known it but it's finally being stored in my head as a solid fact. like, "OH, that's why i do that. OH that's why i think like that."

i would be perfectly content working at my own desk on design projects, eating day old hamburgers for the rest of my life. (add a couple of adorable babies into the equation and i'd be set for eternity.)

let it be written; let it be done!


  1. Your blog is adorbs, just found it, following!


  2. Biggest regret of my life was "growing up", not maturing but measuring what I did by grown up standards, like is this realistic